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Curriculum Electronics & Telecommunication Department
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  1. First Semester Curriculum (All Branches)
  2. SCHEME - G Fifth Semester (EJ, ET, EX, EN, IS, IC, ED, EI)
  3. SCHEME - G Fourth Semester (EJ, ET, EX, EN, ED, EI)
  4. SCHEME - G Second Semester (EJ,ET,EN,EV,EX,IS,IC,IU,DE,MU,IE,ED,EI)
  5. SCHEME - G Sixth Semester (EJ, ET, EX, EN, ED, EI)
  6. SCHEME - G Third Semester (EJ,ET,EN,EV,EX,IS,IC,IU,DE,MU,IE,ED,EI)
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