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Library - A Store House of Knowledge

Library is not simply a collection of books. It is the repository of knowledge stored in books and other sources of information. Indeed it is the heart of an academic institution The mission of our library is to provide information services and access to bibliographical and full text digital and printed resources to support the informational needs of the Institute user community.

  • Availability of Study and Reference Books.

  • Large collection of National & International Journals.

  • Reading Halls for more than 200 Students.

  • Special Reading Room for and Teachers.

  • Computerized Library Management System.

  • connected with 10Mbps Internet Connectivity.

  • Magazines and Periodicals Section.

  • A separate Reference Section is maintained for important and rare books.

  • Easy operation through automated library procedures and Bar Code system.

  • Digital Library - to provide access to e-Journals, to download desired material.

  • Availability of Various News papers.

  • Search for books through OPAC(Open Public Access Centre)

  • Book Bank facility is available for SC, ST Students.  Students belonging to the respective group can make use of these Banks.

  • Digital library with DELNET functions.

  • Digital Library with CD server and internet connectivity for 15 computer systems.

  • Tremendous collection of 24159 volumes and 3871 titles of books

  • 39 International Journals and online National journals subscription.

  • Bar-coding System: All the books are bar-coded in the library barcode laser scanners are used in the circulation counter for book transaction.

  • Library services are fully computerized with software "B-Soft".

  • SILENCECLEANLINESS should be strictly maintained in around the Library.

  • After obtaining the Institute Identity Card, all the Student Staff are advised to apply for the Library Membership in a prescribed application form, which is available at library Information Desk.

  • All the Students are eligible to borrow / Loan Four (5) Books from the Circulation section for a Period of 1 week.

  • Defaulters will be charged Rs.1/- (one) per day or withdrawal of the card.

  • All the Students should clear the dues to obtain NO-DUE Certificate from the Library.

  • While borrowing the Books / Journal, the User is ADVISED to Checkand ensure that the Book(s) / Back Volumes of the Journal is / are in PROPER condition. If any Page(s) are MISSING or DAMAGED,inform the same to the Library Staff on Duty.

  • The students should get the borrowed books / Journal CHECKED by the staff member and cooperate with the Library Staff.

  • Avoid making Pencil / Pen Marks, Underlining, or any other type of Damage to the Book(s) / Journal If any such things are noticed at the time of returning the books, the Borrower will be heldRESPONSIBLE.

  • In case the Book is lost, the Borrower has to REPLACE the LATEST EDITION of the Lost Book. If the Book is not available, the Borrower has to pay the COST of the Book as per the Library Rules.

  • Borrowers should RETURN the books ON or BEFORE the Due Date. Defaulter will be fined.