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The students who are taking admission in our polytechnic should stricly follow the rules and regulations to maintain discipline. Even then any misbehavior is found by students, stern action will be taken against them. The rules and regulations are as follows :

1) Do not give false or incorrect information regarding admission.
2) Be regular in attendance and record minimum 75% in theroy and 100% in peactical in each subject.
3) Maintain strict discipline within and outside the premises.
4) Do not indulge in any Anti-Social/Anti-National activities.
5) Do not take part in mayactivities;otherwise punishmet may be give as per Antire free Ragging rules.
6) Do not damage the property of the insitiute.
7) Do not spit, write on walls and involve in any other evil habits.
8) Students will not be allowed to appear for class test, MSBTE examination unless he/she pays the entire fee and complete the practical, term-work with satisfactory attendance.
9) Pay the insitiute/hostel fee in due time.
10) Students should appear for all the tests and examination sincerely.
11) Do not use mobiles/cell phone within insitiutonal area.
12) Principal has a right to expel those students who disobey the rules of condct.