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Student Mentoring

Student Mentoring & Grievances
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Grievances may include the following complaints:

  1. Making admission contrary to merit determined in admission policy of the institute
  2. Irregularity in admission process.
  3. Refusing admission against the declared admission policy of the institute.
  4. Withhold or refuse to return any document to induce such person to pay fee in respect of any course which person does not need.
  5. Demand of money in excess of that specified in the declared admission policy or approved by the competent authority.
  6. Violation of the policy for reservation in admission.
  7. Complaints from alleged discrimination by students from SC, ST, OBC, Women, minority or disabled categories.
  8. Nonpayment or delay in payment of scholarships committed by institution under the conditions imposed by AICTE or any other

The function of this committee is also to encourage and inspire the students who are academically weak and psychologically feels inferior are guided to improve their lacunas in many areas like

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Personality Development
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Confidence and Positive attitude
  5. Language Proficiency
  6. Active Participation in Co-Curricular and in Extra Curricular Activities

List of Student Mentoring and grievances Committee Members

1 Mr.S.B.Gagre Principal President
2 Mrs.S.R.Jain HOD CO Dept. Member
3 Mr.A. E. Deore HOD ME Dept. Member
4 Mr.A.L.Chaudhari HOD EJ Dept. Member
5 Ms.T.V.Thakur HOD EE Dept. Member
6 Ms.A.V.Tapase HOD Sci Dept. Member